Firestone Airstroke Actuators

Firestone Airstroke Actuators
Airstroke provides unique solutions to pneumatic
actuator applications



Engineering & Design Manual

At Warden Fluid Dynamics we offer hundreds of actuator products, but there is only one product that is flexible, frictionless and maintenance free. Take a moment to review some of the features and you might find that a Firestone Airstroke Actuator will be the answer to your application.

Advantages of Airstroke actuators

Low Cost - Generally, initital cost is 1/2 or less than conventional pneumatic cylinders of the same force capabilities. The initial cost advantage is even greater in high force applications.
Friction Free For Immediate Response - Since Airstroke actuators have no sliding seals, there is no breakaway friction as with conventional cylinders.
No Maintenance or Lubrication Required - Period, none.

Angular Capability - An Airstroke actuator possesses the unique capability of stroking through an arc without a clevis. Angular motion of up to 30 degrees is possible, along with the design advantage of generally less complex linkages.
Durable For Long Life - Since Airstroke actuators have no internal rod, piston, or sliding seals, nor can it ingest contanminates, the Airstroke actuator is incredibly durable in gritty, dirty environments.
Side Loading Capability - Within certain limits, Airstroke actuators aren't affected by side loads as are conventional cylinders that utilize rods. This eliminates potential rod bending, scoring, and excessive seal wear common to conventional cylinders.
Compact Height- Airstroke actuators have a low profile compared to conventional cylinders. Our smallest actuator collapses to just 1.1 inches in height.
Flexible Media - Airstroke actuators can also be pressurized with liquids or gas (see the design manual for acceptalbe media choices).

Product Availability - Warden Fluid Dynamics is the largest pneumatics distributor in the NW, one of the five largest Firestone distributors in the U.S., and we have the largest inventory of Firestone Airstroke actuators West of the Mississippi.