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Norgren Impact Dampening Cylinders
The production rate of a machine often depends on the speed at which air cylinders can cycle without damaging themselves or the equipment. The proven impact dampening technology used on Norgren NFPA cylinders allows cylinders to travel faster, carry greater loads and cushion more effectively than traditional cushion designs. This highly effective, patented, impact dampening system will now be available on their line of stainless steel roundline cylinders. Actuators that have impact dampening seals with fixed cushions will have a cushion performance that exceeds other cylinders with adjustable cushions and are the solution for high-energy applications. The impact dampening technology feature has been achieved without changing the overall length of the roundline cylinder. Available sizes range from 3/4” through 2-1/2” bore on double acting cylinders.

View impact dampening details including load / speed capability charts for roundline and tie rod cylinders, please click here

Norgren VM10
Norgren's NEW 10mm Valve Provides... A High Performance, Cost-Effective, and Value-Engineered Solution. The VM10 has been designed and engineered to make life as easy as possible:

High flow - 0.44 Cv
Online 2D & 3D CAD drawings
Over 7 million configuration options
Easy and quick to connect via integrated Push-In-Fittings
Easy to configure with Norgren's unique, free valve island configurator
Easy to change configuration via interchageable valve types
Easy to add valves for extra functionality
Easy to replace individual valves if necessary
Easy to understand and use with LEDs and clear labelling
Easy for customers to understand, use, and configure to their needs

To view and use the new online configurator, please click here
To view complete specifications, please click here

Norgren V60 Series Valves
Norgren's NEW V60-62 Series Valves are:

Highest flow for equivalent valve size in the industry
Most comprehensive inline valve range with 3/2, 2 x 3/2's, 5/2 and 5/3 functions
NEW twin solenoid (double solenoid located on one end of valve) eliminates 50% of the electrical connector costs
Two 3/2 valve functions in one valve body
50 million cycles under normal operating conditions
Solenoid or air pilot operators
Low power consumption coils

To view complete specifications, please click here

WFD Designed Solutions Custom Control Panels
We were able to pull this project together and provide the customer with three panels as shown in 7 working days:

Norgren R72 manifold regulators mounted on door
Norgren V40 series mini-ISO valve manifold
Norgren Filter/Regulator combination unit

Imagine the cost savings by eliminating all those purchase orders for more than 30 individual components. No more receiving and inventoring individual parts costs, no more assembly labor costs, no more money tied up in useless inventory that can't be utilized because you're still waiting for parts to do your own assembly work.

To read more about our Designed Solutions offerings, please click here

Vaccon VDF "Dirty One"
The VDF Series is an entirely new venturi concept due to its unique straight through venturi design that has the vacuum and exhaust port in-line. Ingested debris passes directly through the center of the pump eliminating clogging and the need for filters.
The VDF Series pump can be used to pick and place concrete blocks, packaging materials coated with fine powder, or any other porous or "dirty" materials. Another common application is in industrial air-driven vacuum cleaners to remove liquid/solid mixtures from sump areas. Choose the desired performance level by rotating the exhaust section which varies the venturi orifice. A pressure regulator is not required as the supply pressure is compensated for by changing the orifice opening.

To view the VDF and other Vaccon product specifications, please click here (2.08mb)


Vaccon DF Material Transfer
The DF Series offers a reliable, in-line method to transfer complex shapes and bulk materials. Some common applications are single part transfer to and from assembly machines, scrap removal from stamping or trimming operations. Transfer speed is controlled by regulating the input pressure from 3PSI to 120PSI.

Instantaneous response is possible by integrating a solenoid valve with the DF unit.
15 models are available with bore diameters ranging from 1/8" to 4".
Vacuum flow up to 375 SCFM / Vacuum levels up to 10"Hg.

To view the DF and other Vaccon product specifications, please click here (2.08mb)


Vaccon Venturi Vacuum Cartridges
Vaccon Company, Inc. of Medfield, Massachusetts introduces 13 new single-stage venturi vacuum cartridge inserts specifically designed for incorporation into OEM products to become a proprietary and unrecognizable component of their product. Inserting a Vaccon venturi cartridge into a cavity within a piece of equipment eliminates the need for a pump, saving space and reducing weight, which increases production speed. Vaccon venturi cartridge inserts are ideal for flexible manufacturing environments including miniaturizing end of arm tooling for pick and place applications, integrating into blood or gas analysis machines for bio-medical applications, or vessel evacuation for process control industries.

Vacuum cartridge inserts are a combination of interchangeable nozzles and diffusers that enable designers to optimize equipment performance based on desired vacuum level, vacuum flow, evacuation speed and air consumption. If the product being handled changes in size, porosity or weight, the existing equipment can be refitted with a different cartridge insert by swapping the entire cartridge, or just the nozzle or diffuser. Changing cartridge inserts can be performed in a matter of seconds, in the field, with minimal downtime.

For easy visual identification, the cartridges are color-coded based on performance characteristics and measure approximately 2¼"L x 0.4"OD. Standard cartridges are made of anodized aluminum, and operate from 1 to 80 PSI with vacuum levels from 0 to 28"Hg.

view cartridges catalog (1.36mb)

Vaccon JS-40 Miniature Vacuum Pump
Operating over a wide range of supply pressures, ultra-miniature vacuum pumps do not require silencers or filters and can be located close to the work area for efficient use of space, rapid response and minimal air consumption. With no moving parts, the ultra-miniature venturi is a durable, reliable, and cost effective alternative to electric vacuum pumps, and provides constant vacuum flow rather than a fluctuating flow typically associated with diaphragm pumps.

Lightweight - less than 1 oz
Compact - 1.25" x .56" OD
Vacuum levels up to 0-27"Hg, Input pressure from 5 PSI

To view the JS-40 miniature pump tech sheet, please click here (728kb)

WFD Fitting Cabinets
6 drawers
Each drawer holds 20 different fitting styles
Labels are customized with any information requested by user
Foam countertop mat fittings chart fits on top surface (not shown)




WFD Fittings / Tubing Rack
Customized height & width for your specific needs
Bin supports slide vertically for height adjustment and expansion of additional rows
Bin lids keep fittings clean
Bins can easily be removed and attached



ATP High-Tech Bonded Tube Bundles
This high-tech process allows polyurethane tubing to be bonded into straight or spiral configurations creating organized groups. Ideal for applications where several tubes or spirals must travel together. Harness all of your air, oil, water and electrical needs into one complete, color-coded package.

A very important benefit of ATP's Technibond® process is that it isn't molded together in a coextrusion process. Coextrusion causes bore or shape distortion. By forming the bundles in a second step, Technibond tubing can still be used with push-to-connect fittings for easy installation, and the groups can be easily stripped/separated to any length without damaging the tubing's integrity.

To view the ATP catalog, please click here (2.6mb)