Electric Actuators
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SLA Modular Automation
Economical, fully integrated, turnkey automation solution for your next machine automation application.
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Linear Motor Slides
Phaser Series

Ball Screw Slides
Pico Series

Rod Style Actuators
YMS Series

Ball Screw / Belt Drive Slides
Flip-X Series

Cartesian Robots
XY-X Series

Pick & Place Robots
YP-X Series

Scara Robots
YK-X Series

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LAH1 Series

LAF Series

LAS Series

LAS3 Series

LAI Series

LAM Series

LAH2 Series (NEW)
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Controllers & Keypads
Linear Stage Products

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KK Series Linear Stage
The Linear Stage KK is a slider actuated by a motor-driven ballscrew and guided by a linear guideway with a U-shaped rail. The slider acts as the ballscrew's nut and the guideway's block.

Easy design, installation and maintenance
Compact and lightweight
High accuracy and stiffness

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KS Series Linear Stage
KS Type Linear Stages are equipped with a dust-proof strip to prevent wear particles from flying out. Because of the dust-proof design, this type of linear stage is ideal for the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment, LED examination equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Low cost and compatc
Precision and high speed

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LMPA (Angular)LMPR (Rotary)LMPP (Planar Forcer I)LMPP (Planar Forcer II)

LMS (Iron-core)
LMC (Coreless)

X-Y Stage


LMSP (Planar Type)

LMDY3 (Microstepping)