80/20 Framing
You dream it.... we'll design it. Only limited by your imagination


CAD Drawings

We have TWO designers to help you achieve your design goals and keep your 80/20 project on track. We can design a complete assembly or provide you with a CAD drawing and bill of materials from your information. We will also assemble your 80/20 project if desired.

Same Day or Next Day Service- That's how quickly we can typically provide an 80/20 assembly drawing & bill of materials when we are provided with a sketch or drawing of your project requirements. Of course, some of the bigger or more complicated designs may take a little longer.

Custom 80/20 Kits - Don't waste time cutting material. 80/20 ships the material already cut to the lengths required for your project. Many assemblies will interface or integrate with external components. We can provide custom machined surfaces or parts with your 80/20 project to accomodate the mating of additional components.

Idea To Assembly In ONE Week - With a drawing a bill of materials available for your approval within 24 hours, your order can be placed and in transit within as little as 2 days from your initial idea........ 80/20 ships 95% of all orders the same day if placed by 10am Pacific time.

The most versatile method of building framework, machine guarding, workstations, test fixtures, material handling carts and any other project you might encounter. Aluminum T-slotted extrusions and fastening hardware. With over 2,000 components available, The difficult thing is finding something you can't efficiently build with 80/20.

As skilled labor becomes increasingly scarce and labor costs continue to rise, the ability to quickly design, build, and modify components, structures, and assemblies becomes increasingly valuable. Structural Framing products from Warden Fluid Dynamics can increase your profitability by reducing your need for skilled labor and by speeding your time-to-production.

From racks, bins and boxes to guarding, workstations, and machine frames, structural framing applications are limited only by your imagination.

Fractional and Metric products, or get a CD containing the catalogs in .PDF format, plus 2D/3D drawings and software to help you with the design process

80/20 Project Resources

How To Get Your Project Going (41kb)
Choosing The Correct Fasteners (45kb)

Assembly Animation Video (1.6mb)
Anchor Fastener Animation Video (1.4mb)
Anchor Fastener Adjustment Animation Video (580kb)
Joing Plates Animation Video (2.6mb)
Drop Lock Feature -how the 2 degree decline on the T-slot flange creates a spring load when tightened which acts as a lock washer. (335kb)

Price Lists

PDF viewing files or Excel version with editable quantity field that allows creating a printable list of parts specific to your project.
Price List (5.5m))

Instructions for Excel version:
Enter the quantities you need for each part number. When done select "Alt-F8" and a macro menu will come up. Select QQMACRO01 and click on run. This will give you al list of only the items that have a quantity entered. To return to full price sheet, again select "Alt-F8" and this time select qqclear and then click on run. This should return you to the full price sheet.

80/20 Deflection Calculator X (16.2mb)
The NEW 80/20 Deflection CalculatorX™ allows you to calculate beam deflection and column loading. With these tools, accurately determining profile and loading methods best suited for your application are just a click away.

Watch us assemble this panel for Boeing (750kb)

Robotic loading station at Blount Inc., Portland, Oregon

Garmet testing machine
Seattle, WA

Automated parts engraving machine
Portland, OR

Garmet tagging machine
Seattle, WA

Product Demonstration Displays
Warden Fluid Dynamics

The interior of the Warden Fluid Dynamics Technology Trailer was constructed with 80/20.

AutoQuoter™ X
Designing perfection at your fingertips

Do your own design work use 80/20 AutoQuoter software.

The new standard in modular framing design tool is here! AutoQuoterX™ is the all-new design companion for AutoCAD® releases 2000, 2000i and 2002. Both Fractional and Metric product lines are now available! Design using either fractional or metric dimensions. It's the FAST, ACCURATE and EASY way to design modular frames!

Note: Auto Quoter™ is not supported by AutoCAD LT® or Solid Works™. 80/20 offers drawing files for most popular CAD systems

Install AutoQuoter X


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